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  • 12:57 @jennytalia because he’s a big fat jerk hole #
  • 14:20 RT @katemiss OMG 50 corgis in costumes. EEEEEE!! #
  • 16:27 RT @GeorgeInVegas A "viral" video – quite literally. Cool 3D animation from NPR on how the flu virus spreads: #
  • 16:47 New QA motto: Give us a chance, and we’ll screw it up! #
  • 20:45 @iancmyers I’ll help your cause #
  • 20:47 So I want to make one of these: & I’m currently scouring the interwebs for pics #
  • 20:51 @mandylulu 🙂 I’ve been wanting to make one FOREVER, now I have to room to put it somewhere #
  • 20:57 For everyone interested in the calendar: shutterfly gives you 50 free prints for new customers. so i’m having the pictures sent to me #

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