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  • 09:36 Is it sad that I was supper excited for the google maps update on my phone? Turn by turn navigation…for free…on my frickin phone! #
  • 10:05 trying to plan the thanksgiving meal I’ll be cooking…with some help from my mom 🙂 #
  • 10:14 @_sooz_ i was giddy with excitement…giddy #
  • 11:49 Man, I love the bobbie from @capriottis #
  • 11:54 Any Zappos employees on Wave? We’ve started one big wave so you can find out who’s on. If you want to join DM me your email & I’ll add you #
  • 12:49 Man.. .people from Utah are just crazy #
  • 13:12 My throat hurts & my nose is stuffy. I can’t get sick. #
  • 13:31 What Star Wars updates would look like on FB – HILARIOUS! #
  • 13:37 I love Brian Williams. #
  • 13:53 lol my last tweet was my 1000th for at least a 2nd time, but it was definitely a good 1000th tweet #
  • 14:00 Just seriously blew my mind. #
  • 16:44 Did you know there was a Vatican board game?! #

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