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  • 11:10 Food co-op signups are going on for this week! #
  • 13:00 This is absolutely outrageous! Elderly Gay Couple Forcibly Separated, Abused, Robbed By County Officials in California #
  • 13:44 Just taped up a box in order to get it shipped out & realized my keys were in it. That could have been very very bad #
  • 15:10 I want a slurpee #
  • 15:17 badum buh – corny joke of the day #
  • 15:59 Hyperb ole and a Half: The Alot is Better Than You at Everything #
  • 16:40 Yay my eyes aren’t going to fall out! #
  • 16:42 I just became the mayor of Pearle Vision on @foursquare! #
  • 16:51 There’s a kid spitting on the floor in the eye dr. Wtf? #
  • 16:58 Gave the spitter the evil eye for the lady & he stopped. Still have those retail skills in me 🙂 #

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