Can you help? Or know someone who can? Two pups need a foster home.

There is a family in need: 

I’m writing because I have 2 one year old pups at home, a male chocolate Labrador and a female golden retriever.  My wife and I have a 5 week old son at home and my wife was admitted to the ICU a week ago due to a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Since then we’ve learned that she is also in heart failure, and last night experienced a collapsed lung on the other side. In trying to care for our son and be with my wife I’ve found I can’t give our pups the attention they need right now. I’m wondering if anyone is willing to foster them for us until new years when we are hoping she will be home. I will pay for all pup related expenses. They are both crate trained and tons of fun, and are ip to date on all shots. Can you help?”

If I didn’t think Ernie & Leila would kill me in my sleep, I’d take these guys in. Please ask around to anyone that might be able to help and let me know if you can help. The two don’t have to go together, the family just needs some help. 


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