Let your nerd flag fly while you sleep

I know I never really write posts, usually it’s a random video or picture of my dogs, but this time I want to share some knowledge with you. Deal with it.

I was talking to my wonderful friend Amelia (everyone needs someone like her in your life) and I was telling her about how I have perfected the “shows to watch as you fall asleep” ritual.  You know the show, something to listen to as you drift off, but that wont keep you up until ungodly hours because you cant stop watching it (I’m looking at you Orange is the New Black). I’m not a fan of sleeping to total quietness. Any little sounds freaks me out a bit and then I have to check on it. That and when you’ve got 2 snoring dogs in bed with you, you need something else to focus on.

Since it’s Sunday and many of us have to get back to work tomorrow, let me share with you my favorite things to drift off to.


Renowned astronomer and author Carl Sagan explores the mysteries of the universe in this award-winning series, presenting fascinating and controversial insights into astronomy, biology, religion, evolution and more. With a focus on mankind’s place in the grand scheme, universally speaking, Sagan takes viewers on an educational intergalactic journey through topics such as the Big Bang theory, early civilizations, purported UFO abductions and more.

I mean come on, who doesn’t love Carl Sagan? Just look at this man
Falling asleep to Cosmos has to be one of the best things in the entire world. You get to fall asleep as Sagan lulls you to sleep with incredible images of our universe with beautiful descriptions of what makes up everything.

And since it is a show about space, it tends to be a visually darker show. You don’t have to worry about bright flashes distracting you as you’re drifting off.

If you haven’t actually watched this before, make it your mission to do so immediately. Yes it was filmed in the 70s and some of it is dated, but as Sagan’s wife Ann Druyan (and producer of the show) mentions during the intro, a lot of this is still very relevant. So, go watch it. Again, it’s Carl fucking Sagan.

Where to find it: Netflix, Hulu Plus, there are some episodes on youtube.

How Its Made:

This fascinating series visits factories around the world to reveal how everyday items big and small — from marbles to car engines — are created.

I’ve loved this show since it was on the Discovery Channel. When I had cable in my room I used to fall sleep to this whenever I could find it.

Where to find it: Science Channel’s website, Netflix, Amazon Instant and some episodes are on youtube as well.

The best thing about this show is the monotonous tone of the narrators voice. It’s perfect when paired with the simple and repeating motions you see in a lot of their topics. Just go turn it on. It puts you in an oddly meditative state.

Nature Documentaries:

My favorite in this category are the Planet Earth series from the BBC, or any ocean related documentary.

On Netflix they actually have the original The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans narrated by David Attenborough. Which means you should definitely add this to your list. Anything with David Attenborough should always be on the list.

This could be any well narrated nature show. They’re calm, again they’re meditative to a degree. You can just let go and focus on what you’re watching or listening to and drift off.

Any Ken Burns documentary:

This man knows how to do documentaries. And a simple documentary is one of my favorite this to sleep to. I like to think I’m learning and sleeping (look at me multitasking even as I sleep!).

He’s covered everything from Baseball to the Civil War to the National Parks.

Where to find it: PBS, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant

Here’s hoping Monday can stay away a little bit longer.

What are your favorites?

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